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Birthdate:Jan 8, 1984
Location:Istanbul, Turkey
Website:Boo; Laundry.

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alcoholic writers, alice in wonderland, beauty in disguise, blood and skin, books and more books, boys in tight pants, coffee&cigarettes, cursing at politicians, dancing in the rain, gloomy eyes in bars, insomnia-for-the-sake-of-literature, kids' stories, knitting and crochetting, languages, late night conversations, learning new things, living-inside-my-own-head, melancholy whores, mental connection, naked flesh, neverland, piano keys, pirates, pissing off god, reading footnotes, sex without touching, sexy vampires, smoky mouths, strange-little-girls-in-strange-places, thankyous in cdbooklets, the living dead, verbal seduction, when-music-and-words-make-love, writing
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